Jenny’s Music

I’ve been writing songs since I was fourteen years old—for thirty years, yikes!! Over the past twenty years I’ve made three other recordings of my original music-

  • Jenny and Char-Music From Mount Holyoke College (1987)
  • Jenny Morgan (1992)
  • Dreamcatcher (1995)

While Nature Needs Kids and Kids Need Nature is a CD that both children and adults can enjoy, my other recordings are perhaps more for adults (see below for a brief synopsis of each album). Children might very well enjoy many of the songs on my other albums, but a couple of the songs in my songwriting collection include a swear word here and there and/or adult themes.


At the present time, Dreamcatcher is the only other recording that is available on CD. I will be converting the other two recordings to a CD format as soon as possible. If you are interested in ordering Dreamcatcher, please contact Jenny at


Jenny and Char – Music from Mount Holyoke College- I recorded this with my musical partner from college. This collection includes songs about loss, change, discrimination, peace, searching for meaning, leaving home, love, and friendship.

Jenny Morgan – This was my first solo album. It includes songs about social change, not wanting to grow up, government corruption, loss and healing.

Dreamcatcher – This was the first time that I hired a producer to help me record. This collection includes songs about self-actualization, love and desire, letting go of the past, standing up for oneself, trying to gain the courage to move forward, the belief in the goodness of humanity.